Round 9 Scores

Round 9 comments

Once again lovely people you have blown away me and the other judges, with your talent and what wonderful creative minds you all have. As always, you have all done so well this round. A big surprise for the last round so hold on to your hats!

NShippundenFan with Tiffany

Kallie: Tiffany looks stunning in her gown! Love the dress and her whole look. Felt the background didn’t match the formal attire she is wearing but good on you for having a go at the rain effect. Her hair style and makeup as always looks gorgeous and I think your proportions were a little closer this round.  

Avery: I love this! Tiffany looks stunning in that dress and I like your choice of background . It is a little hard to see the bag and I had to zoom in to see that there was a bag, as it almost blurs with her hand. It is a nice contrasting color. Kudos for trying out a filter, but I'm not sure if you were trying to go for a rain effect? Awesome entry this round!

Movotti with Diva

Kallie:  Diva’s look is gorgeous this round. I love the combination of the jacket and matching top. I admire you for having a go at your own hair. I haven’t even attempted that as yet. Her look is classy as is her pose. Not sure about the background. However it looks great but she seems to be a little dressed up to be going to market. Your accessories were well chosen and they look fabulous with the outfit. Her makeup is beautiful as always. Your creativity astounds me every time.

Avery: I love how you decided to give drawing hair a try and I love her wild-haired look. I love the bag and shoes . I do think that without the description, it is kind of hard to tell what you were trying to accomplish with the background. I love your creativity!

Gege with Haeju

Kallie: Absolutely love this outfit. The look is smart and very stylish. The red accessories 
really set this whole outfit off nicely. Haeju’s hairstyle and makeup are beautifully applied.
 It would have been nice to have her looking at the camera. 

Avery: Lovely! I think this outfit was one of my favorites this round. Haeju looks stunning, as always and the picture works really well for this round.

xjojox with Taruna

Kallie: Taruna looks very polished this round. Absolutely love the clots and the red top as you know since I asked for the link. Glad you went with the white bag it stands out well and gives some contrast. The shadow really imbeds her into the shot. Her hairstyle and makeup always looks superb. I agree that she does look a touch bit for the shop behind her, but her whole look is nicely put together.

Avery: Taruna looks gorgeous this round! The outfit is really cute and I like how she looks like she's on a shopping trip. I do think that she looks kind of tall in perspective to how close she is standing to the door. Fantastic picture this round!

TexasTwangTonya with Chantel

Kallie:.It was great to see a couple of you going formal, gave a nice balance amongst the other outfits. Her outfit looks stunning Chantel’s accessories go nicely with the outfit and great for a formal look. Well done for keeping the contrast going with the red necklace, bag and shoes. A nice mix of contrast. I do agree that the pot detracts a bit from Chantel as you tend to look twice to see what it is.

Avery: Chantel looks very lovely  . I love the red accessories. I really like the background, but I feel that you probably should have either tried to completely cover that potter or maybe have her stand to the side of it. Awesome entry, Tonya!

Lisabee with Aspen

Kallie: I adore the red bow and hairstyle this round. Aspen looks so cute and gorgeous. You have done well to get the in-game shot so interesting. I love her outfit as you know as I asked for the links. She definitely looks classy in her own way, almost retro with that hairdo. The bag and accessories are nicely added, but I would have moved the bag up a couple of notches to make it look like she is holding it more; or if it came like that perhaps cloned a bit more of the red to make it look higher in her hand.

Avery: I really love Aspen's hair this round. She looks really cute and I love the red bow. I think that she is maybe a little too bright and the white background with her white top makes it difficult for her to stand out. Great entry overall.

JennaCatz with Peyton

Kallie: This outfit suits Peyton, a bit more casual than classy, but her strut adds some class to the whole look. Love her makeup and hairstyle as always you’ve applied this beautifully. I’m not sure about the background. Love the whole look of it but she looks like she’s about to be run over by the moving cars, perhaps if you’d added a zebra crossing or something to ensure she is crossing the road it would have made her position and location, a bit more realistic.

Avery:  I love this look on Peyton. I think that the city background goes a little better with her outfit this round because her outfit looks a little more urban. Awesome picture  !

Ashlenn with Leslie

Kallie:  I adore this whole shot. Even though the skirt is short it has a definite classy appeal accompanied by the other accessories. Her bag looks almost an ivory colour, not so white, but goes perfectly with the whole look. The background is stunning and I love the splash of red floor amongst the black and white, it gives a completeness to the overall shot.

Avery: I love the whole look of this entry. Everything works so well together. Awesome job this round, AshLenn!  


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