Round 8 Scores

Round 8 - Yellow/Gold with Blue

These colours are a bit tricky to show casual classy but you all made a big effort to get the look, so well done. I have two more rounds and then the final 3 will be announced for the finale.

NShippundenFan with Tiffany

Kallie: Love Tiffany’s look this round, it’s classy and cute all at the same time. The hat looks great and adds to the outfit nicely. Love you cc hair again and the makeup looks wonderful.  There is some rough edges around her outline, but not too noticeable.

Avery: I love Tiffany's look here and the hat is so cute. I can't really tell what color the earrings are, though. Very cute outfit all together!

Movotti with Diva

Kallie:  Love her strut! She looks like she ready to take on the world in this pose. Great outfit and as always her makeup looks fabulous. Love the gold shoes and accessories, they all work well together.

Avery: I love Diva this round. She is stunning and pulling off the blue and yellow look. I love the use of patterned pants.

Gege with Haeju

Kallie: Love this shot and the outfit and makeup along with the accessories all work well together. The shot is a bit dark and perhaps the background could be a bit more contrasted to show up her yellow top, but a gorgeous shot as always.    
Avery: I love Haeju's hair and the outfit is super cute. The only thing holding it back just a little is that it's a tad too dark and the background kind of blends in with the outfit, instead of setting it off. I really love this picture of Haeju, though. Amazing job!

xjojox with Taruna

Kallie: The outfit works with the colours well but I’m not sure whether it’s the pose or the stance but she looks a tad awkward. Background is nice, I like the dark, shiny appearance and shows her outfit off well. Little bit casual more than sophisticated but a great shot as always. Love the shoes and the accessories are spot on this week.

Avery: I love Taruna's look. The outfit looks a little like a modern day Snow White! I'm not the biggest fan of the background, but being dull, it does make the bright colors of her outfit stand out. Nice job!

TexasTwangTonya with Chantel

Kallie: I see what you meant about the area she grew in, but considering you nearly didn’t make it because of computer issues you’ve done very well. The colours are right and although the necklace is bluer, it does have gold in it and is a nice addition to Chantel’s outfit. You can use “testing cheats on” and then cas.fulleditmode if you want to change things. That then acts as though you are first creating a Sim.

Avery: Chantel looks so cute. I like the necklace and the little yellow bag. I did notice some blurriness around the legs. Overall great picture and I love her hair.

Lisabee2 with Aspen

Kallie: Aspen looks fantastic as always, the background really suits the outfit as does the hair style and makeup. It is quite busy the background but because the outfit was plain colours it gels well with it. The glasses added a really studio feel to this shot. Well done.

Avery: I love this!!! I think you really nailed this round. The outfit is so adorable and I love the background. I have an old Sims 3 photo that has a kind of similar type of background which this somehow reminded me of. I love it !

JennaCatz with Peyton

Kallie: I think the outfit is nice, and perfect for this background being plain colours. I don’t think the backgrounds detracts from her as she is very much in the limelight. Her proportions, however looks too big for the area, if you check how close she is the trash can and the cart she could have been smaller. Great shot, and Peyton’s makeup and hair as always look awesome.

Avery: Peyton is so cute in this picture. I love her outfit  . The background is a bit busy and I think that it takes the focus off her a little bit. Otherwise, another awesome entry from you and Peyton!

Ashlenn with Leslie

Kallie: I love this outfit on Leslie and the clots give a very classy appeal to this shot. Her hairstyle and makeup also add a dimension of sophistication to the overall shot. Love the bag with the gold chain and her jewellery is ideal for this look. I would have liked to see a more interesting background, but at least it shows Leslie up beautifully.

Avery:  I love this look from Leslie. The outfit really pops! I really love her lip color, too.


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