Round 7 Scores

Round 7 - Black and White

Black and white is always a great choice as the available CC is numerous. Loved every one of your entries. It’s getting harder and harder to judge. A few of you lost points for not including the required accessories for this round. I even put them in bold for you. It’s so important to read the requirements for each round. With the points so close it may give you the winning edge.

NShippundenFan with Tiffany

Kallie: Your entry this week was gorgeous. The CC hair made a big difference to Tiffany’s classy look. Love the top with the longer sleeves that always gives a classier look. Love the bag and the jewellery you chose. The backgrounds suits her style as she looks like she’s off to a high tea. The requirement for a casual look was to include sunnies which unfortunately you forgot. But your shot was really well done this round.  

Movotti with Diva

Kallie: Love the dress, the hairstyle and the accessories, all worked so beautifully together. I love the background you set up for this shot it really suits Diva’s style. I can see where you were going with this “paparazzi” shot but would have liked to see her face. The lighting in this shot looked gorgeous the way it catches some of the pleats in the gown, really lovely. 

Gege with Haeju

Kallie: This was a risk and good on you for giving it a go. Haeju’s, hairstyle, makeup and accessories look great as always. Not sure about the hemline, perhaps if you’d gone for the flow on one side rather than both it may have come over a little classier, plus the outline is a bit blurred in areas but she looks as gorgeous as ever. I thought the extension of the hem on both sides, indulged the look but spoilt the overall appearance of the dress in some ways. The background was a good choice but  I felt it needed to be cropped down a bit closer to her head. 

xjojox with Taruna

Kallie: Taruna’s outfit looks nice and the pantyhose added some classiness to her look. The shadow worked and embedded her in the shot well. The casual version of the black and white round however, required a bag and sunnies, which you either didn’t see or forgot to add so that lost you a couple of points. Her hairstyle, makeup and pose are all gorgeous as always and they worked really well together.

TexasTwangTonya with Chantel

Kallie: Glad you made it for this round, it was close and I really hope you feel better soon, Tonya. I loved Chantel’s gown and the background looks awesome! Loved it (I would like the link to it if you have it). Her Makeup as always looks really attractive and her hairstyle gave Chantel a slightly vulnerable look which I loved also. Next time for your distance shot, go over her eyes and lips with the sharpening tool using a small brush, it really adds dimension to facial features, mainlly for distance shots. 

Lisabee2 with Aspen

Kallie: You nailed it with Aspen this round. Her look is all class and she really stands out on that background. She looks like she’s come from the 40’s and that fashion era had a very classy look. I’m actually launching a “Fashion through Time” comp after this one is finished. You really took notice of the brief with the sunnies and the bag, which I loved, and added the hat and  tie or scarf which finished off this outfit so beautifully. The choice of outfit also showed great taste and sophistication. Well done.

JennaCatz with Peyton

Kallie: This is one of my favourites from you this round. I loved the vulnerable pose, the outfit was beautiful and you added the accessories required. Perhaps more of an evening bag may have added even more to her outfit, but overall loved this whole shot. Peyton looks like she’s in a lift or something and it suits the outfit with the different textured and coloured walls around her. She was well contrasted against that lighter background. Loved her makeup. A formal hairstyle would have added to the classiness of this shot also.  

Ashlenn with Leslie

Kallie: I loved that you went classy street-style outfit for this round. It suited the background and the hairstyle of Leslie. It might have been easier to leave the sunnies off for her close up makeup shot as it was a little hard to see. However the lipstick is gorgeous. I love the classy sunnies, the shoes, the clutch bag. The sunnies went perfectly with this outfit. They added so much to this shot and were required, so well done for reading the and following the brief well. 


  1. <3 ty so very much .. pretty sure one can never go wrong with Toksik .. the cc made it so easy!!


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