Round 6 Scores

Round 6 Scores

This has been an extremely difficult round to judge. I found that so many of you went all out in this round and it was worth every minute. You all deserved top points for sophistication and classiness. Such a fantastic job, all of you.

NShippundenFan with Tiffany

Kallie:  I’m so glad you changed your original entry, this one is gorgeous and has a lot of sophistication and I love her new look with the cc hair. The colours were good in both your outfit and the background and although pretty, your background lost some quality once you re-submitted those couple of times for some reason. She looked a touch big for the background, but your proportions are improving every week  

Avery: I love the dress that Tiffany is wearing. It does look a little bit prom-like, though. She looks lovely and I really love her hair. I wish that you had included all of her dress at the bottom, but nice job overall  !

Movotti with Diva

Kallie: Everything about this shot was so well done. The sophistication, the colours, the makeup and especially the extra accessories you used really pumped up the classiness. The background was perfect for Diva’s look. There is really nothing I can say about this except the outline of her is a bit jaggy in some parts of the leg and arms.

Avery: Diva looks awesome in this picture. I feel that she definitely looks classy and sophisticated. Well done!

Gege with Haeju

What can I say, this is perfect for this round. Everything was well chosen, her hairstyle,
 the dress, the background was gorgeous and so relevant to Haeju’s look. She reminds me of 
a gorgeous mujer (woman in Spanish? I think) in a little Spanish town in front of a gorgeous 
spanish-style house.  

Avery: This is not only one of my favorites from you, but one of my favorite edits ever. Awesome  !

xjojox with Taruna

Kallie: I adore Taruna’s look in this round. She has the sophistication, the hairstyle and makeup was beautiful as is the dress and the background. The only thing is she does look a tad big for the background. If she was a bit more forward or the background was back a touch, I think the size would have been perfect.

Avery: I really love the dress and Taruna looks fantastic. Her skin is glowing and I love the necklace. The only minor thing is that she looks like she would be just a tad too tall for the background, but really amazing entry.

TexasTwangTonya with Chantel

Kallie: I really like your night setting here, it helps Chantel stand out really well. Your choice of outfit was classy and the gloves really dressed it up well. The hat suits the outfit also and the makeup is glorious. The jewellery was more pearls that gold, but suited the outfit nicely. Her proportions are too big however, if you see where she is standing which looks to be only a couple of metres, three at most, from the table and chair set up she would be far too big for the table set up. Chantel looks so gorgeous in this outfit regardless.

Avery: I love this edit, and you did it in just a little bit of time. I'm glad you got it in. This entry really stands out from the rest. The brief said gold jewelry, but the pearls look more ivory than gold. This is overall a fantastic entry. Nice job  !

Lisabee2 with Aspen

Kallie: Aspen looks so gorgeous this round.  Her dress looks like a shiny Saturn and the makeup, nail polish, and shoes go so well and look absolutely beautiful. Holding the clutch bag, looks natural and so well done. She has a few jaggy edges and it would have been nice to see her making eye contact. A little more detail in the background would have improved the overall shot also, but apart from that this was an outstanding entry. Well done.

Avery: I love Aspen's dress, it actually looks like something I would love to wear. I love that "Mad Men" late 50s to early 60s style  . The background has a little too much negative space. Aspen looks stunning, as always.

JennaCatz with Peyton

Kallie: Peyton looks beautiful in this shot. Her outfit is the right colours and the bag and flower in her hair was a lovely added touch to this round. The background was stunning, and so was your choice of makeup and accessories. Her proportion is a bit out for the background, but the overall appearance is gorgeous and I love her eye contact with the camera. She is so attractive.  

Avery: Peyton looks really pretty in this round  . I love the dress, shoes and bag, but I'm not sure that it's really sophisticated, but the outfit is lovely and flattering on her. Very well done this round  !

Ashlenn with Leslie

Kallie: This whole picture looks beautiful and Leslie has the most gorgeous dress on. I love the lighting effects on the dress and the way she’s holding her dress. This whole shot looks so elegant and classy. The head piece is nice, but I don’t think in this shot it was needed, and it was a touch on the pink side, but it still looks lovely. Jewellery and makeup is well chosen and the background is so lovely. Her height looks a tad tall for the background, as if you moved her closer to the door I think although she would be a touch shorter going back, Leslie’s height may have still gone over the doorway height.

Avery:  Leslie looks pretty here. I love the overall look of the picture. Very nice entry this round 


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