Round 5 Scores

Monochromatic Magic

Your comments are from me this week as my fellow judges were all quite busy, which is why I made that rule, but I will always put in comments. 

This week was challenging for some but you all did extremely well. In fact there were fractions of points separating you all this round, which is why we have such close scores, which doesn't surprise me, you are all talented artists. When I said "complimentary" coloured backgrounds I didn't mean "technically" but I see some of you understood that and I do apologise if you misunderstood that. I meant that set off your outfits nicely and that since the outfits were monochromatic I gave examples of the "official" complimentary colours on the colour wheel, but didn't mean those colours had to be used, but wow they all looked really speccy. 

You can click on each shot to enlarge it if you want to have another look. 

Lasummerb with Ayana

Kallie: This green really suits Ayana. You really picked a colour that brought out her gorgeous dark complexion. Her skin looks like velvet and I really loved your choice of gold accessories to go with your chosen colour and the floral belt really added and dressed up your outfit. Her makeup showed just enough colour and sophistication. The tan and cream background was perfect with the lime green. There is a couple of areas that are a bit smudged on the legs so just keep an eye on that. 

NShippundenFan with Tiffany

Kallie: The red and green combo looks excellent for this round. Tiffany looks lovely, but the pantyhose overwhelmed the gorgeous outfit, just a plain red, or one with minimal pattern may have shown off the gorgeous dress better. A longer dress that showed a smaller amount of the patterned stockings would have also minimised the amount of patterned leggings that showed and given it a classier look. Her makeup is beautiful as is her hairstyle, and the jewellery is the perfect amount. Absolutelly loved the bag you found. I know it was tricky to find nylons. You did well to find anything in red, well done. 

Movotti with Diva

Kallie: Diva looks lovely in her turquoise/teal outfit. I see you managed to make the stockings work, so well done. Just needed a little bit of tidying up around the outline of Diva including her stockings. Great choice of accessories for this round. I think the addition of a scarf or jacket may have given it a dressier and a bit more of a sophisticated look. The background colour you chose looked perfect for her outfit, and her jewellery and makeup matched beautifully. I adore Diva's eyes. 

Gege with Haeju

Kallie: Love the yellow on Haeju it really suits her complexion. You did very well to dress up the pantsuit with the addition of a scarf and added the touches here and there with her floral hair piece, glasses and earrings. It is a gorgeous look but more spring, islandy appeal with the choice of additional accessories. Her makeup is gorgeous and so is her hairstyle. The purple background with the yellow is the perfect colour combo and one of my favourite complimentary colour pairs. The extra accessories really added to your points this week. Nicely done. In fact if you can get that scarf in other colours it may come in hand for the next round ;-)

xjojox with Taruna

Kallie: You really gave the others a run for their money, this round. Taruna looks stunning in the navy blue and your choice of dress and accessories ticked all the boxes for sophistication and class. The hairstyle could have been a bit more sophisticated but love the blue graded effect. Her background and shadow all worked well together, and showed that you can get a great effect with different shades of the same colour. Her makeup looked stunning. Stockings, or pantyhose were a required item this round, which lost you a couple of points. But this was my favourite for this round. Well done.

TexasTwangTonya with Chantel

Kallie: A fantastic choice of colour for Chantel. The dress is a classy and gorgeous mini, which really suits the accessories you added with it. The jewellery was a perfect match and that touch of gold in the bracelet, earrings and bag along with the necklet chain gave it a nice contrast keeping the classiness and adding to the whole look. Her makeup was heavenly and it really showed up Chantel’s gorgeous eyes and lips. The background with the shadow was a perfect colour combo for this round well done. 

Lisabee2 with Aspen

Kallie: Great improvement with the change of background. Aspen’s outfit shows up much more with the plain background and the colour you chose is perfect. Well done. What skin did you use with her, I love it. The pantyhose or nylons give the outfit some pizazz! The outfit may have increased that classy appeal with a fancy jacket, bolero or wrap of some sort as it looks a little bit casual with the bodice and shoelace string straps. Aspen’s jewellery is just enough and perfect for the outfit, as is her hairstyle, well done. 

JennaCatz with Peyton

Kallie: Peyton looks amazing in this shot. I love the purple on her it really suits her. The dress is gorgeous but a touch on the more neat/casual material rather than sophisticated and classy appeal but gorgeous all the same. Her makeup and accessories were absolutely spot on this round as was her jewellery. The background you chose I would never have thought of putting together with the purple but they really worked beautifully together. Well done. 

Ashlenn with Leslie.

Kallie: Well you really did up the odds this round. Leslie looks stunning in this colour and her blonde hair and styling really suits the classy look. I love the handbag and you used just the right amount of jewellery for this gorgeous outfit. She looks seductive, sophisticated and classy a gorgeous dress. I was really impressed how you used different shades for the background and the pink shadow really added appeal to the overall shot. She has a white outline which lost a point, but this can be fixed easily by either going around her outline to erase that line or using the cloning brush after you have merged the layers. I do that with all my entries and gives a really nice clean edge. 


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