Round 10 Scores

Sophisticated Style - Round 10

I have thoroughly enjoyed this competition and in my opinion every one of you are winners.
๐Ÿ˜Œall of you have graduated with flying colours from ๐Ÿ˜Œ

Sophisticated Style School of Fashion
 Once again the judging has been tough and the final 3 will now battle it out for Season 1, 2017

I would like to again thank you all for sticking with me and my wonderful judges. You have been consistent, patient and made it through so well. I personally want to thank my judges, Abelhinha35, KittyMeow and Wbombje for continuing to be there every step of the way with me and what a wonderful job they did in judging. Thank you all so much. 


Kallie: Tiffany looks like a princess in a palace here, she is so gorgeous. The blue is spot on for colour and her sophistication and style is definitely classy. Again her proportions are a little big when you see how close she is to the chandelier but this didn’t detract from your shot this time. You had jewellery but no other accessories, and accessories were part of the brief. But a really stunning shot. 


Kallie:  Diva’s looks so Hollywood in this round. I love the red and white combination. Great job with the hair. The classy appeal shines through, beautifully. The background really suits Diva’s look. She definitely looks like a Hollywood bombshell. Your accessories look great with the outfit. Her makeup is beautiful as always. 


Kallie: Absolutely adore this outfit. Haeju’s look screams sophistication and elegance. I think this is my favourite shot from you in all the rounds. The accessories are perfect and just enough to enhance the classy appeal. Haeju’s hairstyle and makeup are beautifully done as they always are. The background is perfect for this outfit and complements the classiness of this whole shot.


Kallie: Taruna looks gorgeous in yellow. Absolutely love the background and the makeup and nails look gorgeous. Her hair blends in with the background but doesn’t detract from the shot at all. The brief asked for accessories as well and I noticed you didn’t have a bag or anything, so was hoping everyone would include one, learning from the other rounds we had, but the jewellery is ideal for this outfit and after all it was free choice this round. Her hairstyle and makeup always looks fantastic. She does look a touch big looking at the chairs next to and behind her.


Kallie: Chantel is looking glorious in this outfit, the gloves, the bag and everything about this shot really oozes sophistication and class, well done, Tonya. The jewellery looks perfect for this outfit and the in-ground background sets off Chantel in her white gown beautifully. Well done, you have really taken in the look from this competition and applied it to this last round. 


Kallie: Beautiful gown and Aspen looks wonderful in all her glory. Glad to see your took note and included accessories. So impressed with the spotlight effect, it suits this formal and classy look very well. Her makeup and jewellery suits the look and love the tiara. She looks like royalty. I know you were trying to get this beautiful gown in but it would have been even more impressive if she was closer. When I enlarged it, Aspen really shone through. And that would have been wonderful to see her closer.


Kallie: You really nailed this round, beautifully. Peyton looks like a duchess in a past era in this gown and the background adds to her sophistication and elegance. Love the dress and the colour. Her jewellery was perfect and added to her classy appeal. I did ask for accessories and hoped that the entries included a bag. A few of you forgot that because it was you own choice this round I’d hoped based on the past rounds this would be included, but it doesn’t change your overall beautiful shot. 


Kallie:  Leslie looks mysterious and interesting in this gown. It’s an unusual and unique colour but still has that classy appeal. The jewellery, her hair style and make up look fabulous as always. I like the background but the floor doesn’t seem to match the classiness of the backdrop. Not sure that the splash of sun flare really added to the outfit, it tended to make it look a bit dull, but I can see what you were trying to achieve. If the skirt section of the outfit had a definite sheen on it the sun flare effect would have added to that look. Could have been the image viewer you uploaded it to, they tend to darken the shots through compression.


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