"Rag's to Riches" - Episode 5

Rag's to Riches - Episode 5

Now pregnant to Jaxson, I felt like my life was finally making sense. All the time I spend doubting myself and surviving by the "skin of my  nose" was becoming a distant memory.

Jax and I worked well as a team. We shared the responsibilities and although he was not being too successful on the work front , as far as I'm concerned he's the most responsible and loving person I'd ever met.

I had a lot of people to thank for showing their kindness and generosity and no one more than Ulrike. She came to me one morning really upset.

 She'd just found out about Jax and I being together and about my pregnancy and came to congratulate us, but she didn't look too happy. Something bothered her.

All the time she had been there for me, I wanted to show her the same support. When I chatted with her trying to cheer her up she confessed something to me.

"I...er...am very happy for you both." Elrike said without making eye contact.

"Thanks...but are you sure? You don't look all that happy. What's wrong, Ulrike?"

"Oh nothing, I guess I hoped that--never mind."

"Hoped what? Come one we've been friends for ages now, you can tell me anything."

"That's just it, I sorta wanted to be more than friends, Kori.

"Oh...I see. I'm sorry, I really like you, Ulrike, but not in that way. Besides I'm about to be married and have a child. What I would like from you, however, is for you to become my first child's Godparent if you would agree."

Ulrike's grinned and perked up. "I would love to be your son's Godparent."

My eyes opened wide. "My son, how could you possibly know I am having a boy."

"Oh...call it a gut feeling." She laughed weakly.

We parted ways and she seemed happier. She's Gay? Never would have guessed that.

A month or so later,  Jax came out to help  me harvest the trees, when he suddenly grabbed me and pulled me into a firm hug.

"Come inside, Kori, I want to discuss something with you."

"Ooh sounds serious," I laughed.

"It is, so get going!" He slapped me on the backside and I jumped forward.

It was getting late and Jax changed for bed. We sat on the bed and he began babbling really fast.

"Now that we're going to be parents, I would like to build on a room for the nursery, another bathroom and...get married." He added hastily .

"Did you say, get married?"

"I did, but no big fancy ceremony or anything, just something private, but wanted to run it by you first. If you would like a big fancy wedding, we will find the money somehow. I want you to be happy. You deserve the best."

"Jax, I've got all I could want in you. I couldn't be happier. I'm look the best option now." I looked to my swelling belly.

"I promise you this, we will have a ceremony sometime as grand as you want."

"It's fine, I'm really not fussed about it at all. So what date do you want to set?"

"Let's not worry about a date, after the new room is built might be one possibility. Can you get in touch with your tradie friends from the bar."

"Of course I'll go there first thing tomorrow and organise it." We hugged and went to  bed.

After a few months the rooms were completed and the bedroom was beautiful. Well as beautiful as it could be with the cash we had to use. To me, however our little house was my palace.

It was not long after that that we were married in a private ceremony, in front of the local celebrant. A couple of close friends witnessed our wedding and relieved that we didn't have a fancy wedding, I was close to having the baby and became more and more uncomfortable. Jax wanted me to keep my surname since I'd worked so hard to get where we were. So our names became Mr and Mrs Raymond-Hurst, as would our children's.

I sat at our breakfast bar one night eating spaghetti and contemplated how my life had panned out. Starting out so destitute and now here I sat, having a baby, married to a wonderful man in my own special place. I wish my mum and dad could see me now. I looked to the sky. I hope you are watching from up there mum and dad, you will be grandparents soon. 

Jax interrupted my soulful thoughts and joined me.

"Here have another plate, have to keep your strength up."

"I don't know, Jax, I'm not sure I can fit anymore in. The baby is lying low and I'm sure it's stopping me feeling as hungry."

"Would you like a cup of tea or something instead? I can put your plate away for later."

"Not tea, thanks but would love some iced water with lemon if that's okay?"

"Leave it to me, Sweetheart." Jax left to go and pick some fresh lemons off our tree.

I got up to go to the toilet and my head spun. "Whoa!" I sat down again in fear I may fall or faint. Jax saw me through the window and he rushed to my side.

"Are you okay? I saw you swaying in here."

"My head feels woozy for some reason."

Jax picked me up and carried me to bed. "You lay here and rest. I'll bring your water in to you shortly. Promise me you won't get up?"

"Don't worry, I won't. Really not game to anyway." Jax brought me the water and I fell asleep soon after.

During the next week I tried to paint as many pictures as I could before the baby came into the world. I know I am  not going to have much time once bubs comes along. 

I spent several hours on my feet painting until Jax came out and insisted I go and take a nap.

That night I went into labour. It wasn't too severe as yet. 

"Let me feel the contractions and count the time between. We may as well be sure before racing to the hospital."

"I agree." When I had my next contraction Jax counted only 10 mins between contractions. The next time it had reduced to 8 and after about 20 mins, they were coming more quickly. 

"I think it's time, Jax. Grab my bag. I think we need to go." 

5 hours later, baby Zachary joined us in the world. So placid and never complained, that sometimes I had to set an alarm to feed the little guy.

Jax showed him off to everyone. I breast fed him mostly but when I happened to be busy, Jax quickly offered to bottle feed him. Fortunately Zachary seemed able to deal with both.

He grew into a beautiful boy who did really well at school. Once he'd started school, the resemblance between him and his dad became more and more obvious.

Jax became known around the place as the "Father of the year". Many other women friends and men in the area, wanted to clone him.

Our love-making never wavered and the closet at the dance club became such a favourite place for us, that no one else ventured in there anymore. Once upon a time there would have been a line up.

Here in the closet is where we became pregnant with our second child.

When I told Jax, he couldn't wait for the next baby. As it turned out...the next baby  turned out to be babies.

We needed to build a second room and double up everything, prams, pushers, bassinets. The money stretched, just, but again my friends at the bar provided a lot of them for us by passing down things they didn't use anymore, as their children had either grown up or had bought their own. 

We decided to stop after three children as money began to get tight again. See the next episode to see how Kori and Jax get on in the final chapter of "Rags To Riches".


  1. Just lovely Jen. So natural and flows beautifully. I wish I could write like you.


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