"Rags to Riches" - Episode 4

Rags to Riches - Episode 4

My garden was flourishing and the plants seemed to really like their position in my plot. I was excited when every one of the blackberry bushes matured and produced fruit. I knew that they would be my main week to week source of income. My makeshift fertilising system seemed to be working well.

I put together a easel and began painting. The canvases and paint were bought with the garden's money and once I began selling them they paid for themselves after a while.

I continued on my jogging stints to find collectables. I left either early in the  morning or late at night. Those times produced more finds and summer had come around, so the mornings and late afternoons were not as draining in the hot weather.

As it turned out, I had earned enough money after a few months to get a roof over my head and could actually say I had a home to live in, modest as it may be, it was my castle and every screw, board and piece of furniture I'd earned through hard work.

One evening just as dusk began to descend, I arrived home to find that same young red-headed man using my fire. He was shocked when I caught him. He jumped up ready to bolt again. I wanted to stop him doing a runner again, so I yelled at him as he started to run.
'Hey you! Don't go, you are welcome to share my fire. Please don't go.'

He stopped and glanced back at me but didn't say anything. Then ran off. 'Hey! I get lonely here too you know, some company would be a pleasant change.'  Don't know if I should have said that. Geez I hope he's not a serial killer or something. He didn't stay, and I watched him disappear over the hill. 

The next night, however he turned up while I was sitting next to my fire and actually spoke this time. 'Is that invitation still open? I have some hot dogs to grill.'
'Er...sure, please...join me. I'm Kori' Could be taking a risk here, Oh well, he seems lonely too. 
He sat next to me and brought out two hot dogs wrapped in alfoil. 
I laughed. 'I have a couple of sticks.' 
He laughed as well and his whole face lit up. 'Hi, I'm Jaxson. People call me Jax. Well shall we?' 
That night we ate, laughed and talked. He seemed like a really nice guy. I found out he loves being outside and was a struggling gardener trying to get work in the nursery business.

We talked for so long that morning arrived and neither one of us slept a wink that night. 'My goodness it's morning already. Have we been talking that long?'
 'Time goes quickly when you're enjoying yourself.' he said raising his eyebrows and winking. 'Well I suppose I should really go.' 
I'd found out he was active and quite the romantic, a trait I found out unexpectedly.  

Without warning, he leant over and kissed me. His warm lips covered mine and it felt so right. 

It didn't stop there...without taking a breath he drew me into a warm embrace and continued kissing me and I responded. Afterwards, he took off without saying anything. I stared after him in a romantic daze.

The next night Dominic of the Spin Masters called me to go to a gathering at the nightclub and  keen to try out my new outfit I accepted eagerly. As I walked in the entrance I bumped into Jax. 
When he saw me he looked a bit sheepish. Perhaps he may have been a bit embarrassed by his sudden embrace last night. 
'Hey, Jax, thank you for last night, I really did enjoy myself.' I saw his shoulders slump. 
He breathed out sharply. 'So did I, Kori. Glad I bumped into you tonight.' 

'Do you want to get a drink?' He looked up through dark lashes.
'Love to, thanks. What brings you here?'
'I like to dance but I'm not really good at it.'
'So do I. I'm a member of the Spin Masters, you should join us, you get so many opportunities to practise and really get your dancing feet happening.'
'Nah...no one would want me in that group.'
'Not true? I would. Come on let's dance.' I dragged Jax onto the dance floor and began a group dance.

I began the group dance and the Spin Masters joined me on the dance floor. I didn't notice Jax retreat into the background. When it finished I looked around for him. 

As I walked towards him, the other Spin Masters muscled me onto the dance floor and started chanting for me to show them my moves. Jax slunk once again into the background. I showed off my moves and once the group began dancing again, I saw my chance to catch Jax. 

'Jax...come join me for a dance.' 
'I don't know, I'm nowhere near as good as--' I dragged him onto the dance floor and everyone else cleared off. 
'Just follow my lead, okay?' I whispered to him.

 The music started and he danced really well.' You see, you are great at this.'
'You make it easy to follow the steps,' Jax said smiling. He didn't stop smiling all night.
We began seeing each other regularly after that. We could be natural and seemed to really bring out the best in each other.

After a couple more dates, right there on the dance floor he proposed to me and although it had only been a few months, I accepted. Everything felt right with Jax.

'Where did you get the money for this?' I asked.
'Never mind, all I care about is that you said yes.'

 He swept me up in his arms and kissed me hard on the lips. Soon after that I asked him to move in with me. he didn't hesitate to say yes.

He moved in the next day and it was so good to have him around. He took over the gardening while I continued to produce more paintings. Money from my paintings increased and things were wonderful. 

The same night he moved in we had a giggle. 
'I only have this double bed, Jax, we're going to have to share.'
'Is that so, well we'd better become acquainted with this bed, hadn't we?'

We sat on the bed together and made googly eyes at each other, then dived into the bed and the first experience of making love was amazing with Jax. 

After that we couldn't help ourselves, everywhere we went, we found somewhere to make love, even in public places.

Our passionate love-making, even extended to the closet's in the basement of the gym, the dance nightclub and anywhere else we found a space. 

At breakfast one morning, I shared the good news that I was pregnant to Jax. He couldn't have been happier. I don't know why I put off telling him, I guess the fact we weren't married and the lack of money had something to do with it. None of which bothered Jax in the least.

See the next episode when Jax and Kori have their first baby.


  1. Hah! Making love madness... Dang! Sims are crazy about it when they're very flirty >.<
    Great one Jen! *giggles*

    PS: I've been wanting a red-head sim as a spouse unfortunately for me TS4 default won't make me one.

  2. Thank you Piroska and Ydreece for the great feedback.

    Ydreece what do you mean the default won't make you one? I'll make you a redhead male or female if you'd like me to. That is what I like to do the most. If you want me to make you one, let me know, you can choose the aspirations and traits you'd like. I'd be happy to make you a redhead Sim


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