"Rags to Riches" - Episode 3

"Rags to Riches" - Episode 3

Although I was living from one day to the next, I began to feel okay about how things were progressing. I continued to jog around the area looking for new places to collect things and came across several new areas that yielded quality produce, the cash flow although slow, kept coming.

At least with all the running around my fitness improved and I found that I could run even further afield, which exposed new areas and collections to find.

I began to catch more fish and learn which bait caught better eating fish, with less bones and more flesh, making each fish meal a delicious and nutritious feast compared to eating fruits and vegetables all the time.

On  one of my fishing stints, I stood there for hours and nothing seemed to want to bite, I changed bait from mushrooms, to anything else I had picked that day, but nothing seemed to help.

Without warning, I suddenly got a huge hit. Whatever fish it was seemed to be a fighter of great size and determined to get away.   

However, my determination and need was greater and that gave me the advantage. Eventually I reeled it in and felt rather pleased with myself.

That evening I had a real feast of fish topped with onion and mushrooms with lemon.The blackberries, cherries and apples I'd harvested from my faithful group of trees, made a delicious fruit salad.

A lot of my success in finding the fruit trees, was a result of watching the pigeons on my land. When feeling too tired to run around the area searching, I sat on my tree stumps and watched their display of courting dances and I became quite familiar with their behavior. Through watching them as often as I did, they always returned to the same area. They seemed to have led me to my private lemon and cherry orchard as I originally discovered them behind where they performed.

They grew in a sloped area of land, which could have been why the trees stayed so healthy, as every time it rained the water accumulated, keeping the trees well-irrigated.

It wasn't long with all the fishing and harvesting that I had enough cash to ask another friend from the bar, to build a few walls around my shower and toilet at least giving me some privacy and enabling me to shower and relieve myself on my own land rather than travelling to the gym or the bar each time.

With it came its own problems, of course. The toilet and shower had been working for quite a while, but now I used them more regularly, they begun to break down and I had to become my own handy-person. Fortunately I'd bought some basic tools with the excess cash I made. After going to the library and reading up about how to fix basic issues, I became quite a handy-woman able to unblock toilets and fix leaking shower roses.

The bar became my local hangout and I met a variety of people there, making friends with many of them. Foosball ended up being my favourite pastime along with gardening and reading.

I was invited to a local nightclub one night and a group called the Spin Masters were there. A group that go out regularly and dance the night away. I thought it would be perfect to join with my love of dancing. I knew I wouldn't be able to go out every time they asked with my restricted budget, but it would be nice to feel part of a group again with the same interests. I showed off some of my dance moves and decided to introduce myself to the leader. I didn't have to in the end, Dominic, their leader approached me.

'Hey there, Blondie, you have some good moves there. What's your name?'
'Er...hi, my name is Kori, nice to meet you.'
'With moves like that you could join the Spin Master's group.'
'Truly? That'd be so great. I'd love to--'
'Okay. Lets see how quickly you pick up the club handshake, that will help me decide. It goes like this...'

Dominic showed it to me and at once I could repeat it easily.
'You have good moves and a sharp mind, you're in.'
'Wow, thank you. Just to warn you, I may not be able to join every gathering you ask me to, I'm a bit...well stuck for money right now.'
'Don't worry your pretty little head, most of the venue's we gather at cost virtually nothing. You can always say no, Kori, we won't kick you out if you miss a few here and there. So welcome to the Spin Masters.'

When I arrived home that night, there was a young man raiding my rubbish bin. Maybe I'm not the only one needing some support around here. 
I startled him as I walked up to say hello and he ran off in a panic. He looked to be a bit younger than me and had the thickest, most unusual auburn hair.

I awoke in a downer the next morning. It had been almost a year since I moved to Windenburg and my birthday neared. I felt a bit depressed with no family to celebrate it with me. Then Ulrike visited me unexpectedly. Our relationship had grown and we had become good friends.
'Hi Ulrike, I'm so glad to see you. I was about to head over to your place.'
'Don't bother, I wanted to get away from Maaike for a while, she's getting worse in her old age. She doesn't shut up for a minute.'
I laughed. 'I know what you mean. Talking about age, it's my birthday on Friday and I'd really like to share it with someone. Could you come--'
'Why don't you have a party at the bar?'
'I can't really justify the money, Ulrike.'
'Leave it to me, you just turn up on Friday okay?'
'What do you mean "up to you"? You're not paying for my birthday party!'
'Just come, okay? Gotta go, see you Friday.'
I didn't have time to argue, she'd jogged off faster than I could stop her.

When I turned up on my birthday, Elrike had arranged a caterer, the bar was already there, and all the people I'd met during the year stood there waiting for me to arrive. As I walked through the door, they all shouted "HAPPY BIRTHDAY". It was a wonderful surprise and Ulrike had arranged it all. Everyone brought presents, most were made up of new outfits.

The bar owner had been collecting money for a few months now. They were going to take me out and get some new outfits even before they knew about my birthday, but I didn't have a wardrobe and so they used that money to get me one.

Ulrike, however had a way with makeup and hair and she came over to give me a complete makeover, that was her present to me. She turned up the next day with the outfit she and Maaike had bought and a case full of beauty products to work on my makeover. The result stunned me. I didn't recognise the person I saw in the mirror.

She insisted I go home and try on the other outfits so I lay them all out on the bed and tried them on.

The nightie was cotton and so much more comfortable than the heavy gown.

This was my favourite outfit. I love blue and the hat was so special as it was given to me by the leader on behalf of the Spin Masters. Apparently every one chipped in and had it specially designed for me. 

The casual look felt a little risque than what I was used to, but I wore  it well.

The tracksuit that a couple of the others had gone in for made me feel like going for a proud jog right there and then.

The bathers, were in my favourite colour, but I'd never had bikinis before and felt a little self-conscious but they looked great. Wow all that running around helped me wear these well. 

The next morning I couldn't wait to get my trackies on and go for a run. I couldn't believe the kindness of the people of Windenburg. I never dreamed I'd meet so many nice people moving into a totally strange neighbourhood and my spirits soared.


  1. Love it heaps hey Jen. Awesome story so far :)

  2. woah! that's a pretty exciting turn of events. I like birthday surprises!

  3. Thank you, Ydreece and PMCavenett glad you are enjoying the read as much as I'm enjoying writing it.

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