"Rags to Riches" - Episode 1

Rags to Riches is a gameplay challenge where your Sim begins with no money at all. They need to survive purely on collections or performing but no employment or retail earnings are allowed. See Instructions and Rules in my latest post.

 Episode 1 - Meet Kori Hurst

Kori Hurst was left on a doorstep after losing her whole family and everything they owned in a devastating fire. She was at childcare at the time the disaster happened. She was placed with cruel foster parents in a household that didn't care for her.They clothed her in threadbare garments, fed her minuscule food and she needed to fight to keep her pendant; the only memoir left of her biological family. She couldn't stand living there any longer and ran away as a 12 year old child living in the streets and scavenging what she could until she was 18 and able to claim the land her parents left her in Winderburg.

The only thing she had left is the clothes on her back, a mobile phone she happened to "find" and the heart pendant around her neck that was left with her on the doorstep, and a piece of land that her parents put aside for her. She now has to survive and live as best as she can. This is the story of Kori Hurst in first person and how she survived.

So here I am, no money, no place to sleep, or eat. At least I'm away from those pigs. I hope I never see them ever again.  'How am I supposed to survive out here,' I said aloud to no one in particular. I don't even know where I am let alone what is around. Perhaps I should have stayed in the city, at least I knew where I could get things. 

I walked around the area trying to find things that I could use. As darkness descended I glanced around and jumped at every shadow. Who knows what is around here? I hope no one ambushes me, not that I have anything for them to take except my pendant and I can't let that happen. I have to find somewhere to sleep and pee. I'm dying to pee.

I found a bush tall enough to obscure me from anyone passing and relieved myself there. 

Peeping out to make sure I was in the clear, I stepped out.
Oh God I am so embarrassed. Mum and dad why did you have to die! Look at me now? I shouldn't be living like this. Where in the hell am I going to sleep tonight!?

I continued to wander until I found a local park. No one is likely to come here overnight, this is perfect. Oh! another one of those "useful" bushes. Exhausted I collapsed into the large shrub and fell asleep. 

 Morning came and I awoke to the sounds of birds' twitters and running water. 'This is not so bad,' I  said as I stepped  from the bush picking out the twigs and leaves from my hair and clothes. Not the most comfortable sleep but at least no one spotted me. Wait! I can hear water.

Walking toward the sound of the water, I almost tripped on a cluster of mushrooms growing wild in the park. I wonder. Checking them carefully, I peeled the surface to ensure it was a mushroom and not some poisonous toadstool.

'Yes I can eat them'. I picked them and looked around the park for more finding two more bunches of mushrooms which I grabbed.

Just over a hill amongst some meadow grass I came across a river. The water didn't look too healthy but I grabbed a long branch and pulled out several threads from my already fraying jacket and pants twisting them together, and then attached it to the stick. Pulling a solitary hair clip from my hair, I bent it into a hook shape and attached it to my makeshift fishing rod.

This will do nicely. I have no bait but surely fish here must be desperate in this water. Attaching a small piece of mushroom to the hook, I cast it into the river. The first time I caught some sort of bovine seed but no fish. The second time I caught a large clump of vegetation. I'm never going to catch anything! I kept the rod, washed the mushrooms and continued to search the surrounding area.

Just before nightfall I found a rock with some crystalline growths jutting out of it. They were wedged tight but I managed to get a piece of them out using a rock. Some pieces of the shards were left inside but I kept what I could.

Exhausted and hungry I returned to my land and sat on the grass and ate a handful of raw mushrooms.

I decided to return to the safety of my shrub in the park rather than sleep in the open and risk being seen by some ill-intended person and fell into a deep sleep.

When I woke the next morning, the stink reminded me I hadn't bathed for a few days so decided to visit a gym where I could at least have a shower and something basic to eat. Phew, I stink, have to do something about that.

Visiting the gym, I dove straight into the shower and came out feeling utterly refreshed.

I also used the toilet and when I went to the basin to wash her hands, found a toothbrush someone had left there still in its packet.

It was brand new. I glanced around to make sure I was alone, and cleaned my teeth thoroughly, dried the toothbrush as best I could and pocketed it . No one will know. Just hope the owner won't miss it. After that little episode I retreated out the bathroom door as quickly as I could.

The day had been exhausting and after entering the locker room I found a bench and curled up falling into a heavy sleep. Passers by must have given me some funny looks and others probably made a wide berth around me like I had some disease or something, but I snored contentedly oblivious to anything around me.

Later that night, I came across a local bar and raced in hoping something may be lying around to eat. Free chips were available on the bar so I grabbed the whole bowl and hoed into them ravenously.

A young man sat beside me and offered me a drink, which I took eagerly and downed it completely. He gave me a puzzled look and smiled, shaking his head. 'Hungry are we?' he laughed as he watched me scoffing into the chips.
'Er...yes just a bit, sorry. Want some?'
'No need to apologise.No thanks. You can have them.'

'You look like you could do with a good meal and a good bed for the night,' he said winking at me.
'I...er have to go, thanks for the drink.' Sleeze, I'm getting out of here. I headed toward the door and the young man did too. Mm...Perhaps I'll stay just a bit longer. At least until he's gone.

The seedy guy left but several others came and ordered food that I couldn't afford. The smell of the fish and chips, made my mouth water. When the young lady left to dance, I grabbed a few mouthfuls just to remember the taste of good food. Oh my God, I am resorting to stealing other people's food, what is wrong with me? That is not who I am. I put the fork down and pushed the plate away from temptation.

By this time I needed to sleep again. The bar was warm and cozy even though the bench was hard and uncomfortable, I stole a nap and only when the owner woke me did I realise how late it had become. I glanced at the clock on the wall and my face flushed.  '1.00am, better go, see ya,' I said racing out the door.


  1. Thank you, PMCavenett It was so much fun making up the story.

  2. Lovely story, wow all I do is take pics LOL Oh its mcrudd here :)

  3. Hey there, mcrudd, thank you for your kind comments.

  4. Everything I have read so far is really good and interesting

  5. Glad you are enjoying it. So nice to have you aboard.


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