"Livin Life to the Max!" Journal Entry 1

Hi everyone, this is my testing results for the elder challenge I formulated. Enjoy the read.

Amelia Jenson was married for 40 years. She and her husband grew apart and didn't have the same interests. She was very active, but he gambled most of their nest egg away. Through loyalty however, she just couldn't bring herself to leave him in their senior years. Recently they both retired. Soon after, her husband Neville passed away, leaving her very little money to live out her retirement.

Although he is at peace now, Amelia is determined to "Live Live to the Max!" so there are certain things she wants to achieve in her life, and her intention is to do just that! Now that she is alone, she has moved into a simple and very basic house to carry out these goals in what remains of her life.

This challenge is about helping Amelia through a number of achievements before it is her turn to leave the Sim world.

'Well hi everyone. I made it to Willow Creek. I'm so glad this little cottage was available, even if it's just for rent to begin with. I wanted to share with you just how much a person of my age can accomplish before I pass from this earth. Stay tuned and you can share my journey with me.  I probably won't speak directly to you all the way through, but I've narrated my experiences. So what's first on my bucket list? Not that I need to do this in order, but let's see what is most practical first.  Meet at least 5 new people, get fit...'

'Okay, so if I go for a jog I can improve my fitness, look around and meet some new people. First I need to unpack, eat something and use the loo. Old age certainly sees you using the toilet more often.'

Mmm...this place in autumn is so pretty. I lost track of time and the street lights started to go on. No one seems to be around. Oh well it's getting late, perhaps tomorrow. 

The next day, Amelia, stuck around her little home and took in the beauty of the trees and plants around her place. The clouds are beautiful today. 

A little while later a friendly lady came and stopped Amelia on the path.
I was about to do some fishing when she began chatting. We talked about all sorts of things and had quite a bit in common. We became friends quite quickly. unfortunately after visiting a few times Gloria didn't come around. Someone informed me she'd passed on. At least she was my friend for a short time. I bet this is what so many people of my age have to face at some point, all their friends around them passing. Mind you I'm not going to waste the precious time I have left. 

While I was near the river I got back to fishing and wow, I started catching fish quite quickly. Yay! my first fish, I'll use you as bait and see if I can catch some different species. There has to be heaps in here.

Time got away from me and dusk was closing in when a gorgeous teenager called Olivia was heading home and asked about how many fish I'd caught. So we started talking and became good friends. We kept in touch for ages, until she became a young adult then an adult. It was getting late so I went home.

The next day was very productive. I purchased some seeds and planted them immediately, figuring that I needed to get them into the ground as soon as possible. For them to grow and be nurtured to a magnificent standard, they needed time, and I'm unsure how much of that I had. Didn't take more than a few days to mature though and I looked after them religiously.

I also was lucky enough to find deposits of rock close by, which produced different things every time I found one. This gorgeous crystal the first of many things I found. 

That same day I met a lovely man, Gordon I think his name was and we hit it off really well.Being active and very clever, although a bit of a geek, we had lots in common. 

Gordon seemed lonely. He wasn't married because he had little trust in anyone, but for some reason he got on well with me. Perhaps being older I posed no threat. He started coming around almost every day, and at times I had to send him home otherwise he'd be here every day and although great company, there are many things I still needed to do and often too busy to receive him every day.

That same day, a young adult named Augustus was jogging by my house and he stopped me, he always seemed cheerful, really clever and so confident and self-assured. We got talking and I knew his friendship would last a long time. In fact a few weeks later he asked if he could move in to help me out with the gardening and around the house. I wasn't going to say no.

It didn't take long, with Augustus living here, that I had more time to search for the things I wanted to find on my bucket list. I found several more crystals and obviously some people had buried time capsules or something like that around the area as I found many little figurines like these inside them. I think they represented the community here, past and present, so displayed them along with the crystals I'd found. Yes! another thing to cross off my list.

Soon I was able to afford a computer and began writing my own books. The first successfully self-published book was a children's book and I was so pumped to see it in print.

Gloria and Gordon often turned up on the same day, so we chatted and tried some of the great food I'd made. I was getting really good with my cooking and begun making gourmet meals. Up to now I'd made chili and Garlic noodles, taco casserole and several other dishes.

Other days I went to the park to get outside. I loved the outdoors and spent many-a-long day just sitting in the park admiring the plants, watching the people, playing chess and enjoyed my solitude now I had company at home.

While here, I met the sweetest child. He played on the monkey bars and on the pirate ship in the park. I started off talking with him, making sure his mother wasn't far away. Me, pretending to be a sea monster seemed to be his favourite game. So Romano, became good friends with me also. Hey just realised, that is the 5 friends I promised myself on my list. Yes!

I continued to fish in the river behind my place and became more aware of the bait to use and it all payed off. I was catching salmon, catfish, bass and even an angelfsh and kissing gourami, which surprised me. I mounted them all in my place. Here's a shot of the fish I caught over a period of time.

I don't know why but I gave them all names. Perhaps I missed not having children of my own and catching and naming these helped. From left are Angie angelfish, Barry bass,Gary gourami, Cassie catfish, Sally salmon and Penelope perch. Bit of alliteration happening here because I think the names sound better when using the same beginning letters. Yay! That's the fishing wish fulfilled.

Olivia and I saw each other regularly and I noticed she and Augustus were hitting it off really well. She had grown into a beautiful young adult and there could be a romance blossoming here for them. That would be lovely. It'd be like having my own kids and in-laws and who knows maybe they'd marry and have there own children. Then I'd feel like a real grandmother. Oh yes, here Olivia tried my excellent spaghetti and I made french toast for myself. 

Some days I enjoyed sitting in front of the little tele I bought while I ate my parfait yoghurt and put my feet up contemplating how I intended to complete all the things on my bucket list. So what have I done so far... Met my 5 friends, collected and displayed my crystals, found some metals and fish, but not all as yet, written 2 books, a children's and short story.  Oh well I'm feeling fine, I'll continue to fulfill my list in the next part of my journal. 

'Please join me for the next story shortly. I have all the information, but I can't imagine anyone reading 30 or 40 pages right off, so I'll break it up for you. Part 2 will be up shortly.'


  1. Great start. I look forward to reading more about Amelia on her adventure.

  2. Glad to see someone thinks of the oldies and she looks great! How do you get your screenshots to be in such great quality?

  3. Hi Carolynne,

    I use the camera so the plumbobs don't show and get closer, so it feel more personal. I also switch characters if there are more than one person living in the house, that way the plumbob doesn't get in the way.


  4. Hi Jennifer! :) I've started this challenge 2 days ago. I was looking for a nice challenge to do on my stream, and I came across this one. I find it nice that it focuses on an elder and the goals are really nice. I find most of the Sims 4 challenges these days are kind of extreme like the 100 baby challenge. This one is really interesting & realistic in some aspects. I also really like how you came up with your elder's story. It inspired me to be creative and do the same with mine.

    Thanks for sharing this. :) -Malaya

    1. Hi Malaya,
      I am a writer and most of my ideas come to me in dreams. This one was based on one I created for Sims 3 a while ago and adapted it to Sims 4. I decided that the elders needed to be brought into the limelight a bit more and so created this one. If you are interested we have a 'Sims style Block' decorating competition, a 'Plan2build' where you interpret a floor plan and build a house.

      I created a 'Generate-a-Sim' competition where I write a short story and people interpret the story to make-a-sim. Their looks, their aspiration, traits and career/branch is subtly embedded in the story and they generate a Sim based on their interpretation. Whoever is closest to the one I make before everyone else and the story wins. I'm happy to give you links if you are interested. They are all in my siggy on the Aussie Site under Jendowoz.

  5. Love the "journal entry" style of writing. So fun!

    Amelia is off to a great start! Great part! :)


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