"Livin' Life to the Max!" Journal entry 4

Welcome to the fourth and last journal entry of Amelia Jenson's full and wonderful life.

The Reaper came for me the same night Olivia went into labour. The timing was not good and thank goodness for Jacob and Olivia, who pleaded for me to have more time since the baby was about to be born. Fortunately for me, the reaper agreed.

He got a real shock when I hugged him to say thank you. He felt cold and shivers coursed up and down my spine, but I appreciated the gesture and felt the need to thank him.

Thank goodness Olivia and Augustus made it to the hospital in time. It helped that Augustus knew all the doctors and nurses on that night and they gave Olivia special treatment, being his wife. 

Augustus was right. A little girl was born and they named her Amie Amelia after me. I was so flattered that they used my name as her middle name. Now I really did feel like a grandmother. The nurses and doctors congratulated them all. the birth went smoothly and both baby and mother were well. 

Augustus, being older was very happy and the sight of Amie, brought him to tears. A day or so later they arrived home and Jacob and I fussed around baby Amie like mother hens.

I gave my masterpiece to Olivia and Augustus to put in Amie's room and I spent many wonderful waking hours with baby Amie. I was blessed for a few more years and Amie grew into a beautiful little girl.

We became very close and did everything together while Olivia and Augustus headed back to work. I was more than happy to look after Amie in her mum and dad's absence.

I wasn't long after Amie turned five that the reaper came again, not for me this time but for my wonderful Jacob. I couldn't let him go and so I pleaded for his life and once more, the reaper granted a little bit more time together. 

Something he whispered to me as I once again thanked him for his penance, made me realise that this extra time would be it and even though the love we felt for each other was strong, a second chance would not be granted. 

Jacob even offered the reaper food and chatted a while until he was called off to another death. He accepted the food even though he didn't need to eat, it was a sort of trade-off for the mercy he'd shown.

Being given the extra time, Jacob and I didn't waste it. We helped Amie with her homework. Played ball outside with her, took her the park , taught her to swim and spent as much time as we could with her. 

I gave her tips with artistic endeavors and she showed a lot of potential artistically. Jacob made her a small table for craft and art work and set it up next to my easel. We spent many-a-day side by side painting together outside in the sunshine. I wanted to soak up as much as I could before my time was up. 

We had wonderful conversations whilst out there together and Amie enjoyed the company as much as I did. 

When Amie attended school, Jacob and I spent time together and we took advantage of every minute we could to be together. 
"So did you get your bucket list completed?"
"I did with one extra bonus."
"oh and what's that."
"You, you big oaf, who else? You weren't on the list, but you were a big bonus. We both roared with laughter. "See here it is."

After talking with Olivia and Augustus, we agreed to create a memorial for us all. For quite a few years we grew this hedge in pots and decided to replant it into the ground now it had matured. Jacob built a lovely ornate gate enclosing the hedge, added lights and it seemed complete. Our place to rest after we passed was ready.

The very morning after we completed our memorial, my time was up. It was 6.50am,Olivia just arrived home from work, Augustus having his daily swim and Amie was dressed ready for school. Jacob, sleeping next to me, found me on the floor in that morning. I'd got up to use the toilet and collapsed. The reaper after our last two encounters stayed around and was patient, letting everyone grieve before he collected my soul. 

It took everyone a long time to get over my passing, Jacob did the inscription, but he didn't handle it very well and joined me the very same night. Once our spirits were together again, he told me he could not bear to go on living without me.

So we were together once again, and Olivia and Augustus planted some beautiful white flowers around our tombstones showing the pure beauty of life. 

A few days later, I visited Olivia to make sure everything was alright. I didn't want to scare her but she took it in her stride, and although she appeared a little tense she talked to me. I wanted to tell her this, a message not just to her but to all of you wonderful ageing people out there. 

I lived a full life, but it does have to come to an end sometime, but my advice to you all is that don't let your age keep you from doing the things that you love. Fill you life with things you enjoy and surround yourself with people that are positive and show you the care and love you show them. If you are physically incapacitated, exercise your brain, it is just as important. 


  1. I loved this!!! Amie was gorgeous and it was a beautifully told story. Thanks for sharing.

  2. You are very welcome, thank you for reading.


  3. Aw. I knew it would end but I'm sad. How sweet that they both passed the same day. Sweet lovebirds!

    Thank you for sharing, it was a great read! :)

  4. You're welcome, looking forward to your next one.

  5. I just discovered this blog and I loved it...I am so sad it's over.

  6. I was too, but there is plenty more to read if you are interested. The challenges I've created are all up here.


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