"Livin' Life to the Max!" Journal Entry 3

Welcome back to the third entry in the elder challenge.

Last time we met, Jacob arranged a trip away in a luxury cabin in Granite Falls. I was extremely nervous about what may happen since we'd never slept together before now even though Jacob moved in a month or so ago.

Putting another log on the fire must have attracted attention of the ranger as he joined us not long after.

'Good evening, folks. I trust all is well.'

'Yes thank you, Ranger it's a beautiful night isn't it?' Jacob started making small talk.

'Certainly is. You folks know of the rules of fire pits I take it? Just be sure to extinguish it before you head off for the night.'

'Yes, Ranger we read up about the rules in the Ranger's Guide to a Great Holiday in the taxi on the way here.'

'Good to hear some folks do the right thing. Well I'll leave you to it. Have a good night. If you have any questions I'll be around in the morning. Oh by the way, there's good fishing over yonder in the lake, should be good fishin' tomorrow, the weather should be just right. G'night folks.'

'Good night,' I replied.

'Well, time to turn in, don't you think, Amelia?' Jacob raised one eyebrow and smiled.

'I...er guess so.' Oh wow it's going to happen. 

Rather than dragging me into bed, immediately we sat on the balcony for a while and talked. What's he doing, he's such a tease. Perhaps that's not so bad, I'd rather have the build up than getting straight to it.  'It's such a beautiful night, Jacob. How did you find this place?'

'Oh...a friend, Candy told me about it. She'd come here with her partner and loved it and thought we might enjoy it too.'

'A friend, which one? I've met most of your friends. I don't remember any Candy.'

' Probably not, her partner was a girl called Kelly and they're gay. She didn't talk about it much, but when Kelly passed away, she came to me hoping to get a bit of reassurance I think. She has no family left and Kelly's family blamed her for taking away their daughter and corrupting her. She thought I was less...judgmental than other men apparently.'

'That's nice, I hope she's lucky enough to find a wonderful partner again. I have been.' I looked shyly into Jacob's eyes and I saw him take a sharp breath in.

'Talking about that, how about we go to bed now.'

'Whoa! you don't hold back do you?' I stood up putting  my hands on my hips, then relaxed and sat down again. 'You said that to help me feel comfortable didn't you?'

'I knew you'd be a little nervous. Trust me, so am I.'

We changed into our pj's although I don't know why we bothered.

Jacob made light of the fact we were about to make passionate love. He lifted the covers. 'Yep, still works.'

We both roared with laughter and disappeared under the covers.

It was the best night of my life. After two sessions in the same night, which again surprised me, we slept soundly in each other's arms for the rest of the night. 

In the morning, I stumbled out of bed much later than normal. I showered and dressed and was presented with breakfast on the balcony.

Showered and dressed already, Jacob had made me a hearty breakfast of bacon, eggs, mushrooms and toast. We sat out in the crisp morning air and ate. 'What do you want to do today, the day's yours, you choose.'

'How about we go fishing.' 

'Thought as much, I've already hired the gear, so we can get going any time. By the way, last night was the best night of my life.'

I giggled. 'Mine too.' We smiled and finished our food.

I began catching fish almost immediately. But since I'd fulfilled my mounted fish goal, I kept it to have for tea that night. The fish here in Granite falls were different to home, but they looked just as tasty. Jacob wasn't being too successful with his fishing. 

He became all excited when he thought he finally had a bite. When he pulled it up it was a box that contained plumbing parts of all things. Next he caught a bunch of water weed and then a piece of floating wood. 

Next I caught a different type of perch which had an attractive appearance. 

 After fishing, we were exhausted standing there for several hours so we headed back to the cabin for a Nanna nap. 

Next we discovered there was a horseshoe pit to throw horseshoes onto a pole. 

Jacob's eyes lit up. 'I remember this game, I used to play it out the back of my parent's farm where I grew up. We had many good times growing up on the farm.'

'I didn't know you grew up on a farm, Jacob. So did I. We had a stud farm and I exercised and show-jumped our horses competitively.'

For the rest of the day we hiked and walked, talked and laughed until we watched the sun set over the horizon. 

Our last night in the cabin seemed to go too fast. I fried the fish I'd caught for tea and we talked about so much. Jacob conveyed how much he looked forward to Olivia and Augustus' baby being born. Both of us felt like grandparents, even though they were not our flesh and blood.

Jacob cleaned off the plates and we put the leftovers in the fridge. 'This is our last night alone together, let's make the most of our time, tonight, what do you say?' Jacob asked.

'I fully agree,' I said looking up into Jacob's smiling eyes.

After our trip away we took a shot and added it to our memories by framing it and putting it up above our bed at home.

Of course Olivia wanted to know about everything that happened at the holiday cabin. So I told her everything about what a wonderful time we had, glossing over some parts of course.

Over dinner the next night when we finished off the fish we'd brought home I had a thought. 'I know how much you love swimming, Jacob, what if we go all out and get a pool put in the back yard.

'What a great idea!' I'll get onto someone I know in the business right now. A muso friend of mine if he's not dead, can get it done for a minimal price.'

It is so cute to see him so excited. 'See I want to try out these new bathers sooner rather than later.' I stood up and paraded around in my new bathing suit.

'Ha, I'd like to see you out of it.'

'Hey! okay then let's organise the pool now. I can't wait to tell Olivia and Augustus, not that she'll be able to use it too much at this stage, she's almost at her due date for the baby.'

After a few weeks, the pool was complete and we all christened it. Although Olivia couldn't swim laps she paddled and walked from one end to the other. A little exercise doesn't hurt even pregnant women. Jacob was in his element. It helped me reach a higher fitness rate too.

A few days later, Olivia started getting contractions. She was really scared. I felt her tummy when she had them and could feel how tight it became when she contracted.  I can't reassure her, unfortunately, not having had a baby myself. 

'The pressure's so tight, the baby feels like it's going to fall out.' Olivia's eyes widened. 

From over near the fridge, Augustus yelled. 'It's okay, Sweetheart they're what you call Braxton Hicks, the baby is moving lower into the birth canal getting you ready for the delivery. Should happen in a day or so, however.'

'Having a doctor in the house sure helps hey, Olivia?'

'I'd hope so, unless he becomes over confident in his predictions,' Olivia whispered. 

'Ha...don't say that too loud, or he'll hear you,' I laughed. 'Do you know if it's a boy or girl?' I asked.

'As a matter of fact the other day after having a dip in the pool, Augustus  was able to pretty much guarantee it was a girl being a doctor and all, he seemed to know.'

'So do you want me to make the nursery "girly"?'

'It's up to you, Grandma Amelia, you can do whatever you like.' Olivia hugged me. 

"Mm...I like the sound of that..."Grandma Amelia".

In the little time left before the baby was born, I gave Olivia a few tips on painting. She was improving all the time and we enjoyed standing outside in the sunshine painting together. A day or so later, just as Augustus predicted, the real labour started. I was going to be a grandma!

Stay tuned to the last and final journal entry to "Livin' Life to the Max!" Join Amelia, Jacob, Olivia and Augustus in the last few years of Amelia's full and wonderful life.


  1. I can't wait to see the baby, and you're never to old to woohoo. I'm enjoying this story.

  2. So pleased you are enjoying the story, Carolynne. Get your tissues out for the next part.


  3. Oh, a baby girl will be coming! :)

    (I didn't even think of the swimming pool to help with athletic skill. I'll have to add one. Jogging is taking a bit for Ellen. I'm sure her and Gia would appreciate a pool.)


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