"Livin' Life to the Max!" Journal Entry 2

"Livin' Life to the Max!" Journal Entry 2.

Hello again, fellow Simmers. I'm here to share my second journal entry in my short life. Hope you enjoy it.

Since my last entry, Olivia has moved in and is enjoying spending time with Augustus. In fact they, as I suspected, have fallen in love with the intention to get married and have children, which I am rapt with. In the meantime I've been working hard on my writing and painting. I have written seven books, self-published three and the last four were picked up by a large publishing company.

My skills have improved steadily in painting. all the above were either good or excellent paintings and since then have managed a few more masterpieces shown below as well. So another tick off my bucket list plus extra paintings, which pleased me very much. 

I do love painting landscapes and natural realism.  They bring my love of the outdoors indoors and it makes me feel happy.

I've also been busy taking selfie's too in my different outfits. That damned little gnome keeps showing up in them though. I'd love to meet this selfish sprite and give him a piece of my mind.

When Olivia moved in she introduced me to a friend. His name was Jacob and if you think you are passed loving someone you are kidding yourself. Jacob was warm, friendly a bit of a bad-boy and hot-headed but I found that sort-of attractive. He is active and really looks after himself. You should see him in bathers...er sorry back on track. He's a retired muso and we got on like a house on fire from the first time we spoke. Of course I never showed this immediately.

I didn't think any more of it at first. I decided nothing would come of Jacob and my relationship so I continued to see him as a friend and not let him distract me from the things I wanted to do on my bucket list. It worked for quite a while, and I managed to collect the frogs, breed a couple, extract some fossils and find the metals I intended to, crossing off even more on my list and I thought I'd be happy with that but...

Jacob kept coming back into my thoughts and we began spending more time with each other. Every time he touched me my legs would turn to jelly.

I'd bought myself a bonsai to try out my gardening skills and I found myself unconsciously shaping it. I must have been thinking about Jacob, because the next thing I knew, when I looked at the bonsai I'd trimmed it into a heart shape.

We became close and he continuously asked to move in. I avoided answering. I was afraid it would distract me from what I wanted to accomplish, then Olivia and Augustus sat me down and gave me a firm talking. It surprised me no end as Olivia seemed to be so shy all the time.

'Now you listen to me, Amelia. You are my dearest friend and like a mother to me. Augustus and I love you and we both agree you should let Jacob into your life. We both want to meet him, and I've arranged for him to come around for dinner in a few weeks. In the meantime, you jolly-well go out with this man and find some happiness. Besides I would like a Grandmother and Grandfather for our baby.' Olivia looked shyly up at me through those long black eyelashes.

'What did you say?  B--baby? You're having a baby?' Tears trickled down my cheeks and we hugged. 'Actually I was wondering about that pot-belly of yours, you're so slim all the time.
A-hem...I thought it must have been all my excellent cooking.' We laughed.

As you can imagine, I was over the moon about the new addition to our little family. Between us we put some money together and extended our house. It now looked like a cozy little family home, except it wasn't so little any more and so much more busy.

I finally conceded to let Jacob move in. Somewhat taken aback by my sudden change of tune, he didn't dare ask any questions in case I changed my mind. What happened next surprised me.

He grabbed me and kissed me deeply, being careful to support my back. We're not spring chickens any more. 'I guess that a yes, then?' I'm surprised I even survived that.

'What do you think, gorgeous?'

Everything around me blurred as his lips met mine. I'm still not sure if it was old age making me dizzy or his passionate pass.

Every morning I was up before him and he'd greet me with a kiss on the cheek, or an affectionate embrace or holding of hands.

He'd blow kisses across the table to me. His attention was never ending and I fell head over heels in love with this attractive man. 

Naturally the dinner never happened that Olivia planned, but it did a month or so later. I think she was as surprised as me when Jacob moved in. So they managed to meet him sooner than expected. 

Although Olivia was still an early-aged adult, Augustus was older, and became an elder, far sooner than we expected, so I made his favourite, fried fish and chips for his birthday celebration. He loved fish and enjoyed eating but not catching them. Olivia entered the artist career and Augustus got his first placement as a doctor when he first moved in with me. His wage was reasonable, but not over the top as yet, so I had the nursery built as his birthday present. It's really meant for both of them, but his birthday was a good excuse to get it done.

When we'd almost finished our meal, Jacob waited for everyone to be listening. 'By the way, I've arranged some time away in a luxury cabin in Granite Falls, just for you and me. You don't mind, kids do you? I know you can keep the place going until we get back.'

'You did? But why--'

'Why didn't I tell you? Because I wanted it to be a surprise.'

It was on my list of things to do and I'd shared that with Jacob.

 Olivia giggled. 'Of course we can, can't we, Hun?'

Augustus, looked a bit embarrassed. 'Er...sure no problems.'

I knew then Jacob wanted a serious relationship. We hadn't slept together since he'd moved in. I don't know how I managed to stay away from him this long except by keeping myself busy.

 'When are we going?'

'Now, the taxi's picking us up in a half an hour.'

'What?' A shudder coursed up and down my spine. Oh my, we're going to...do it. I've not done it for so long. Oh God, I'm so nervous.

We arrived at the cabin just as dusk descended. The sky, a bright red as the sun set. It was so beautiful. 'Thank you for this, Jacob.'

'You deserve it, Amelia.'

The first thing we did was light the fire pit and roast a few hot dogs. I wasn't terribly hungry, the butterflies in my stomach made me feel slightly nauseous, but I kept up appearances so I wouldn't think about what was coming next. 

'Well you'll have to wait and see how our vacation goes. Tune in for the next journal entry in my short but busy life.'


  1. Olivia brings in a lot of money :) I had her in a relationship with one of my sims once and I shocked by how much money she brought with her when she moved. I can't believe on how much Amelia has accomplished.

  2. Thanks, Carolynne,

    Glad you're enjoying the read.


  3. Ah, damn! Amelia fell in love with a bit of a bad boy. All our weakness. ;)


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