Introduction to The Legacy Challenge

In case you are unaware of what the "Legacy Challenge" is I will try to summarise a quote by the creator who goes by the name of Pinstar. He has been around all of the Sims games and the founder of this challenge.

See this link for more information on Sims 4 Legacy Challenge

The Legacy Challenge is a set of self-imposed rules to change the way you play The Sims. At present it is through The Sims 4. By abiding by the restrictions of the challenge and reaching the goals, you will find yourself getting a different experience while playing The Sims games.

The challenge tasks you  with creating a single founder and moving them into a over-sized lot where you begin in abject poverty. Your founder must build their house, wealth and ultimately bring in the second generations to continue when in the game they pass on.

In this challenge you play a single family for ten full generations, gaining less control over how your children turn out and more challenges are thrown your way. So the whole challenge asks, "What kind of Legacy will you leave?"

So let's go ahead and start my Legacy and I hope I can help you enjoy the experience along with me.


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