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At Witt's End Challenge

At Witt's End - Introduction
Ever wondered how hard it could be to be a single working dad, with six very different children to care for? Their clothes, food, education and emotional health, all have to be taken care of. Well you can experience this for yourself when you take on this challenge.

In Sims 3 this was a challenge with toddlers, which, if I may add, even more trying with slightly different rules. I have adapted this for Sims 4.

James and Alana were married young. James, being very ambitious had an aspiration to become the next CEO for Microscotch Technologies Inc. In the meantime, James and Alana had three sets of twins over 15 years and just as James career began to progress nicely, there was a massive upheaval to the family. As a teenager, Alana had become mixed up with...some might say...the wrong crowd. Thinking her past wouldn't catch up to her, she was happily married to James and thought her life finally sorted itself out. Unfortunately it came back to haunt …