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Community Spirit Challenge for Sims 4

"Community Spirit" Challenge for Sims 4

Macey Rosenthal became an orphan after her parents went on an overseas trip a few months ago and lost their lives in the crossfire of a civil war that broke out while they travelled. She became overwhelmed by the kindness her relatives and complete strangers showed her while she grieved. She decided that now she had come of age and a young adult she would try to repay some of that compassion by pouring her heart into taking in as many orphans, or lost souls into her home for as long as she could.

She had a small house built in the progressive town of Windenburg and with the rest of her inheritance she had a dignified grave-site built to house any of her “adopted family” that happened to pass on while she still lived.

(This can be found in the Sims 4 Community, under #Windenburg Cemetery.  @sawdust123 has kindly made this to use and it fits on the 20 x 20 Screaming Llama lot in Windenburg next to your house lot. This way the spirits of…