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"Rags to Riches" Challenge

"Rags to Riches" Challenge for Sims 4

Hi all, 
I'm writing this on behalf of @mcrudd who has been doing the 'Rag's to Riches' challenge and shared it with us on our Sims 4 Aussie/NZ site. Several people found it interesting so I have made a thread especially for those that want to participate and have somewhere to share their 'rags to riches' stories or captions, videos and any other ideas that come up. I have added a goal for clarification and a couple more aspects making it possibly more challenging for those that like a challenge. Mine begins below. So here goes. 
Goal 1: If you prefer a short-term challenge, have $50,000 Simoleans in reserve + a fully furnished house and have earned $200,000, at least one child to continue the tradition to reach the goal amount. If you want a long-term challenge choose Goal 2.

Goal 2: For a longer-term challenge change your reserve simoleans to $1,000,000 and keep having children in generations to reach that goal.