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"Livin' Life to the Max!"

I have a few challenges I'd like to share with my readers. The first one being a challenge for our Sim elders. They need to get some limelight so I have chosen to put it up here.

“Livin’ Life to the Max” Rules:

CC is allowed but only for their looks not for moodlets or needs changes.

·         - You do not need any packs or expansions to do this challenge. If you have them that’s fine too. ·        - No money cheats but as you make money you may upgrade anything you choose. ·        -  You can make money through any means available to you except employment as your elder is retired. ·        - You must pay bills as usual. ·        -  Ageing needs to be set to normal for your household. ·        - Make your elder Sim in CAS. Your choice of traits but the aspiration needs to be ‘Renaissance Sim’. ·        -  Need to move into a starter house or build one leaving enough money for purchasing the things you will need to fulfil the goals below, such as an easel. ·         - Consistently work on y…