Sophisticated Style - A Sims 4 Fashion Competition

Sophisticated Style  A Sims 4 Fashion Competition

Tips by Fashion Style Magazine. Some images by Analiya Vasilieva and Fashion Style Magazine.

NB: You may use your own shots as you please but the example images must be kept in the forum and cannot be copied anywhere in social media please. I have been given permission to use only a percentage of their images and want to respect their conditions that came with that permission.

To dress classy is all about elegance, sophistication, grace and finesse.

Updated information

I have begun a post that I will keep updated with any new information or challenges. Thank you for your support.

Any new challenges or information I will post here.

At Witt's End Challenge

At Witt's End - Introduction
Ever wondered how hard it could be to be a single working dad, with six very different children to care for? Their clothes, food, education and emotional health, all have to be taken care of. Well you can experience this for yourself when you take on this challenge.

In Sims 3 this was a challenge with toddlers, which, if I may add, even more trying with slightly different rules. I have adapted this for Sims 4.

James and Alana were married young. James, being very ambitious had an aspiration to become the next CEO for Microscotch Technologies Inc. In the meantime, James and Alana had three sets of twins over 15 years and just as James career began to progress nicely, there was a massive upheaval to the family. As a teenager, Alana had become mixed up with...some might say...the wrong crowd. Thinking her past wouldn't catch up to her, she was happily married to James and thought her life finally sorted itself out. Unfortunately it came back to haunt …

Community Spirit Challenge for Sims 4

"Community Spirit" Challenge for Sims 4

Macey Rosenthal became an orphan after her parents went on an overseas trip a few months ago and lost their lives in the crossfire of a civil war that broke out while they travelled. She became overwhelmed by the kindness her relatives and complete strangers showed her while she grieved. She decided that now she had come of age and a young adult she would try to repay some of that compassion by pouring her heart into taking in as many orphans, or lost souls into her home for as long as she could.

She had a small house built in the progressive town of Windenburg and with the rest of her inheritance she had a dignified grave-site built to house any of her “adopted family” that happened to pass on while she still lived.

(This can be found in the Sims 4 Community, under #Windenburg Cemetery.  @sawdust123 has kindly made this to use and it fits on the 20 x 20 Screaming Llama lot in Windenburg next to your house lot. This way the spirits of…

"Rags to Riches" Challenge

"Rags to Riches" Challenge for Sims 4

Hi all, 
I'm writing this on behalf of @mcrudd who has been doing the 'Rag's to Riches' challenge and shared it with us on our Sims 4 Aussie/NZ site. Several people found it interesting so I have made a thread especially for those that want to participate and have somewhere to share their 'rags to riches' stories or captions, videos and any other ideas that come up. I have added a goal for clarification and a couple more aspects making it possibly more challenging for those that like a challenge. Mine begins below. So here goes. 
Goal 1: If you prefer a short-term challenge, have $50,000 Simoleans in reserve + a fully furnished house and have earned $200,000, at least one child to continue the tradition to reach the goal amount. If you want a long-term challenge choose Goal 2.

Goal 2: For a longer-term challenge change your reserve simoleans to $1,000,000 and keep having children in generations to reach that goal. 
The Deveraux Legacy
I had the urge to make a new Legacy so the links will be here for you to read. Part 1 shortly. Please make comments here if you can. Hopefully you won't need to join unnecessarily. If you do I'd appreciate knowing how to change that so you can leave comments without needing to sign if you don't choose to.

"Livin' Life to the Max!"

I have a few challenges I'd like to share with my readers. The first one being a challenge for our Sim elders. They need to get some limelight so I have chosen to put it up here.

“Livin’ Life to the Max” Rules:

CC is allowed but only for their looks not for moodlets or needs changes.

·         - You do not need any packs or expansions to do this challenge. If you have them that’s fine too. ·        - No money cheats but as you make money you may upgrade anything you choose. ·        -  You can make money through any means available to you except employment as your elder is retired. ·        - You must pay bills as usual. ·        -  Ageing needs to be set to normal for your household. ·        - Make your elder Sim in CAS. Your choice of traits but the aspiration needs to be ‘Renaissance Sim’. ·        -  Need to move into a starter house or build one leaving enough money for purchasing the things you will need to fulfil the goals below, such as an easel. ·         - Consistently work on y…