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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Updated information

I have begun a post that I will keep updated with any new information or challenges. Thank you for your support.

Any new challenges or information I will post here. 

Sunday, 31 July 2016

At Witt's End Challenge

At Witt's End - Introduction

Ever wondered how hard it could be to be a single working dad, with six very different children to care for? Their clothes, food, education and emotional health, all have to be taken care of. Well you can experience this for yourself when you take on this challenge.

In Sims 3 this was a challenge with toddlers, which, if I may add, even more trying with slightly different rules. I have adapted this for Sims 4.

James and Alana were married young. James, being very ambitious had an aspiration to become the next CEO for Microscotch Technologies Inc. In the meantime, James and Alana had three sets of twins over 15 years and just as James career began to progress nicely, there was a massive upheaval to the family. As a teenager, Alana had become mixed up with...some might say...the wrong crowd. Thinking her past wouldn't catch up to her, she was happily married to James and thought her life finally sorted itself out. Unfortunately it came back to haunt her. Framed for a crime she did not commit she was jailed for 20 years. Consequently, James was left with six very different children to raise while trying to advance in his career.

GOAL: James is to raise 6 children to become healthy young adults with different jobs and reach level 10 in the business career before he passes away.

CC is allowed but only for their looks not for moodlets or needs changes.

Download the whole Witt family including Alana so she is recorded in the family tree and you have the extra simoleans. You can find them under #wittfamily. Download them onto a lot of any size into a new world or evict those in an existing world. You will need the space to eventually move your children out.
Build or download a 3 or 4 bedroom house for under $20,000. I found a good one with 3 bedrooms. One large bedroom I converted to a double kid’s room. Thank you, @blue_sky_335 for the perfect house. With minor changes it works well for this challenge. This is a picture of it.

Once you have the house, go to manage worlds/manage households and separate Alana so she is out of world and then begin to play. She appears to still be there when you go back to play, but she does eventually go by walking off and disappearing. Keep her out of world as we allow her back in at the end along with her $20,000 or re-save her back into your library.
Make adjustments by adding beds, a desk and computer for James. Some fun items such as outdoor kid’s monkey bars, “creative art thou tables” TV and/or whatever you can afford. Leave yourself around $2,000 to start playing.
Get James into the business career as soon as possible.

Raise all six children to teens then young adults. Build up to and maintain an ‘A’ student level both as children and teenagers.
Get at least one skill for each child to 10 before James passes away. Add the necessary skill items as you can afford them and update the house.
Can hire services such as maids or repairmen if you can afford it.
Have James keep up the business career and promotions to level 10. He can use vacation days if it becomes necessary to catch things up.
James can retire once he has reached level 10 regardless if he is an elder or not.
James must maintain friendship with all six children.

No money cheats.
Set the age to “Normal”. Turn off “auto age (played Sims)”
James can use the Potion of Youth but only once. Other potions are unrestricted. Any disasters that happen cannot be undone, such as fire. You need to live with the consequences.  >:)
Make a cake to celebrate each twin’s birthdays. You will need to stagger these or else they will all turn into teens and young adults at the same time because I made them together. Have one set of twins age to teen at 13 days. Another set can be manually aged up a three days later and the last set a four days after.
The first set you aged, can be made into young adults 20 days later and stagger the rest as above. You may choose the future traits but you cannot change their aspirations. Ages are as follows:
Child – Teen = 13 days
Teen – young adult = 20 days.
Get a different career for each child once they reach young adulthood.
At this point you can bring Alana back into the picture, she’s been acquitted for the crime and proven innocent. This must be before any young   adults leave so she can get back in touch and become friends with her children again if their friendship has dropped off.
Once 4 of your children reach young adults, you may move them out as long as they have a career. The choice to get partners for them all is yours.
At least one child needs to stay in the house to look after their dad.
Alana need not get a career as I imagine this may be close to when they are about to become elders. They can spend their last years together.
Take Alana and James on one well-earned vacation to Granite Falls.
Create a club to keep in touch with James and Alana’s children. (optional).

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Community Spirit Challenge for Sims 4

"Community Spirit" Challenge for Sims 4

Macey Rosenthal became an orphan after her parents went on an overseas trip a few months ago and lost their lives in the crossfire of a civil war that broke out while they travelled. She became overwhelmed by the kindness her relatives and complete strangers showed her while she grieved. She decided that now she had come of age and a young adult she would try to repay some of that compassion by pouring her heart into taking in as many orphans, or lost souls into her home for as long as she could.

She had a small house built in the progressive town of Windenburg and with the rest of her inheritance she had a dignified grave-site built to house any of her “adopted family” that happened to pass on while she still lived.

(This can be found in the Sims 4 Community, under #Windenburg Cemetery.  @sawdust123 has kindly made this to use and it fits on the 20 x 20 Screaming Llama lot in Windenburg next to your house lot. This way the spirits of your 'adoptive family' won't bother you in your home, but  will have a nice resting place.

However, you need not use Windenburg, you can use any of the inhabited worlds as long as it has your house on a 40 x 30 lot and the graveyard close by on a 20 x 20. You may evict all present occupants before you begin leaving them vacant for your “adopted family members” if you choose.

GOAL: To befriend 10 NPC’s or townies in any world that does not have a family. Try to mix them up in both age and where you find them. Those with the same surnames are not NPC’s and usually have families. The exception to this rule is any that are Roomies with their own surnames and have NPC-type jobs. Some of these below are Roomies. Keep this list nearby when doing this challenge.

Munch, Romes, Faust, Haas, Bjergson, Le Chien, Villareal, Behr, Flex, Rocca, Rosa, Capricciosa, Fyres, Robio,  Pancakes, Caliente, Garvin, Soto, Goth, Spencer Kim-Lewis, Landgraab

Make one Sim male or female with the “Big Happy Family” aspiration. You may choose your Sim’s traits, looks and clothing.

CC is allowed but only for their looks not for moodlets or needs changes.

Build or download a small starter house and add it to the empty 40 x 30 lot in Windenburg or another inhabited world. You’ll need room to expand either up or out. Move them in using the usual amount of Simoleans.  Whatever is left can be used for other things or kept in reserve for your “adoptive family's needs.”

Have your Sim start a career as soon as possible.

On those days before your Sim begins their job, and any chance you get after, start going places to meet NPC’s such as gardeners and homeless in parks, Mixologist in bars, Spa Instructors, Retail shopkeepers, etc. in any of the worlds. Your Sim will be travelling a lot.

Chat with them until they become a friend and then ask them to move in. I suggest you do this one by one as timing is paramount as the money they bring will be restricted (see next dot point). Your Sim must provide the necessary items and space for your NPC or townie as they move in. For eg. A basic bedroom for when they move in. A Bar for a mixologist, a small garden for a gardener etc. Choose careers for them to continue in their line of work.  If they move in, and are unemployed they must be given a career in the area of their expertise. For eg., a bar attendant needs to have a bar and get a job in the Culinary/ mixologist career. Elders, however, are retired, but can help out by selling items from their specialised area of expertise, eg, plants if gardener, wood sculptures if high in handy levels etc. OR you may also choose something very opposite such as an overweight Sim with the lazy, glutton, couch potato traits, you can have them become an athlete in the athletic career.

Each new NPC you add, would usually bring in $20,000 simoleans, if out of world or $0 if in world. You must reduce or increase this so that each one comes with $2,000 only to be added on top of the household simoleans. You can do this through this cheat...

‘Testingcheats on’ then ‘sims.modify_funds (-) or (+) $’ 

For example: If after your Sim has built her starter home, she or he has 4,000 left. If you bring in an NPC that brings 20,000 you reduce that by 18,000 so the amount in the household funds totals 6,000. And Visa-versa, if they come with nothing, then add 2,000 to the total household funds.

As teens or children grow and become young adults, you may choose to either keep them in your home or move them out to continue with their lives. Young adults and adults need to be established in a job at level 4 and be given their makeover before you move them out. Of course if you get to 8 some must move out anyway so time who and when you invite them into your household. You can have shared rooms for your guests, they don't need to all have one bedroom each. In fact it is a must once you house fills up. With elders, you can choose to move them out also, or keep them with you until they pass so you can add them to your grave-site.

When they begin to move out, form your own club where the skills they have can continue as you get together in club gatherings.


- No money cheats other than ensuring each NPC or townie’s move in with the set amount given.
-      Age must be set to "normal".
- You may use MOO for items but no moodlet cheats unless earned through your Sims' rewards store including the potion of youth.
- Your Sim may settle with one of the NPC’s or marry but is only allowed to have one pregnancy. If you happen to get twins or triplets, that is a bonus.
- Make group meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner to get your cooking up to at least level 2 before inviting any Sim to move in.
-      You cannot change your "adopted" family's traits but you can change their aspiration to suit the career or skills.
- You may plead with the reaper to save any of your friends.
- Take a selfie shot of each NPC you befriend and move in. Display these somewhere.

Following is a list of all the NPC’s you can choose from in Sims 4. Some I didn’t even know existed.

Maid: Can be hired on a one-time or scheduled basis.
DJ: Can be found on sites where dance groups hang.
Pizza delivery person: Appears to deliver a pizza to the household.
Caterer: Can only be hired during parties.
Entertainer: Musician or Comedian. Can only be hired during parties.
Mixologist: Can only be hired during parties or found at bars and lounges.
Masseuse: A masseuse can be hired by Sims who own a massage table or reflexology chair.
Postperson: Delivers mail and bills to the household.
Gardener: Can be hired on a one-time basis. Also found in areas of the neighbourhood tending community gardens.
Librarian: Appears on lots with the Library lot assignment and will put away books and interact with the patrons.
Fisherman: Can be randomly found fishing in the park.
Homeless Sim: Will appear in the park at night and sleep on benches. They can be recognized by their distinctly unkempt appearance.
Park ranger:The Park Ranger will roam Granite Falls and can be asked for advice about the surrounding area.
Bear mascot: A Sim wearing a bear costume can appear in Granite Falls.
Hermit: Located in the Deep Woods of Granite Falls. The hermit can be befriended to learn a special Herbalism recipe.
Campfire ghost: A ghost may appear when Sims tell stories around the campfire. (If you are wanting to include ghosts).
Massage Therapist: Assigned to massage tables on Spa lots and can be hired for back massages.
Reflexologist: Assigned to massage chairs on Spa lots and can be hired for hand and foot massages.
Yoga Instructor: Appears on Spa lots to teach Yoga classes which are held at set times. When a class is about to begin, a pink icon will appear over their head to indicate their role.
Gym Instructor: Found in Gyms around the community.
Repairperson: Accessed when ringing for repairs.
Barista - found in cafes
Retail lot shopkeeper - retail lots 
Host/Hostess - restaurants
Waitress/waiter - restaurants
Chef - kitchens in restaurants

The items your NPC’s or townies will need are listed below for when they move in. If they have no or few skills when they move in, then use their Simology traits and skills as a guide to what to provide for them. The items below are different prices so be careful in which order you invite them to move in. Remember that elders may pass on, and new occupants can take the same rooms. All are counted towards your 10 - 12 in total including those that have passed on.

Maid – object related to whatever skill they have the most points in.
DJ – musical instrument
Pizza Delivery person – Object related to whatever skill they have the most points in.
Caterer – needs either the Banquetia Plateau OR Fountain of Mirth.
Entertainer – musical instrument or microphone.
Mixologist – Bar and The Affirmation wall decor
Masseuse – Massage table
Postperson – Object related to whatever skill they have the most points in.
Gardener – Home Farmer Start Kit and bonsai tree OR 2 pots/garden beds for seeds/trees.
Librarian – Librarian Book-sorting Cart and a bookshelf. (didn't know about this one)
Fisherman – 3 mounted fish on their wall in their bedroom.
Homeless Sim – 2 shelves for collecting things and displaying them in his/her room.
Park Ranger– Rocks of fire.
Bear Mascot – Object related to whatever skill they have more points in.
Hermit – fireplace.
Campfire Ghost – The Horseshoe Pit.
Massage Therapist – Massage table.
Reflexologist – Reflexologist Chair
Yoga Instructor- yoga mat and meditation stool.
Gym Instructor - piece of gym equipment
Repairperson - Handyman bench.
Barista - Coffee machine, and jittermaster tall or long coffee display (no need for both)
Retail lot shopkeeper - Mucho Modern display shelf
Host/Hostess - The Exotic Fronds plant to decorate a room.
Waitress/waiter - Catch of the day Chalkboard to add to the community kitchen.
Chef - Industrial Pantry rack to add to the kitchen as he/she may end up doing all the cooking! 

It may appear daunting when you read all this writing to begin with, but it is actually quite straight forward.

Here is an example that may help you clarify the process:

Your main Sim goes to a spa, talks with a yoga instructor until they become friends.
Your Sim asks him/her to move in with them.
You provide a basic bedroom for them, for this example a meditation stool and mat (the items required on the list next to yoga instructor) must be bought. Watch your budget.
Have them start a career probably a doctor (career related to skills and traits) and let them live with you until either they  find a partner, stay with you, move out or pass on.
When they move in you use the cheat provided to ensure they only move in with $2,000 or are given $2,000 on top of the household budget. If they come with no money, using the cheat provided or "kaching" twice, they can be given the $2,000 allowed. More money will come as each "adopted family member" brings in money from their career.

Once your main Sim is working, the other "adopted family" members in the household can befriend other NPC's but your main Sim must become friends with them as soon as possible.

The challenge is seeing if you can befriend 10 -12 like that, before your Sim passes on. How your sim reacts with different personalities as their traits cannot be changed, but their aspirations can. Having a low budget shows how you manage your money from day to day.

Hope this makes it clearer for you.  :)  I'm finding it really interesting, dealing with sims that have traits I don't usually give them such as Kleptomaniac, Evil etc.

Monday, 21 December 2015

"Rags to Riches" Challenge

"Rags to Riches" Challenge for Sims 4

Hi all, 

I'm writing this on behalf of @mcrudd who has been doing the 'Rag's to Riches' challenge and shared it with us on our Sims 4 Aussie/NZ site. Several people found it interesting so I have made a thread especially for those that want to participate and have somewhere to share their 'rags to riches' stories or captions, videos and any other ideas that come up. I have added a goal for clarification and a couple more aspects making it possibly more challenging for those that like a challenge. Mine begins below. So here goes. 

Goal 1: If you prefer a short-term challenge, have $50,000 Simoleans in reserve + a fully furnished house and have earned $200,000, at least one child to continue the tradition to reach the goal amount. If you want a long-term challenge choose Goal 2.

Goal 2: For a longer-term challenge change your reserve simoleans to $1,000,000 and keep having children in generations to reach that goal. 

Instructions: Make a young adult male or female Sim with any aspiration, then once you have purchased your lot of any size reduce your money to 0 and change their aspiration to Fortune-Fabulously Wealthy aspiration. This way the automatic reserve of $10,000 will be gone. 
Traits: You may choose any traits for your Sim.

CC is allowed but only for their looks not for moodlets or needs changes.


* No cheats of any sort unless a reset is needed for glitches.
* Age set to normal.
* Choose any size lot and then using "Testingcheats on" then "money 0" will reduce your simoleans to 0.
* Start making money any and every way you can. eg. collections, painting, music and any other way you can think of with exception of retail and employment. Your Sim must stay unemployed. 
* No new clothes until you have at least a small house over your head and a dresser. 
* No cooking on grills or stoves until you have one from your earnings from other areas unless you have picked wild food growing around. She has no money to buy ingredients. You may eat other people's cooking however if it is sitting around. Once she can afford  a stove and refrigerator cook only single servings until you have reached the first goal of having $5,000 in reserve.
* No partners allowed to join you until you have a roof over your head and your young adult becomes an adult and before she ages to an elder. Your partner needs to be "In World" so they don't bring in any money into the household.
* Have one child before your Sim passes on to reach the goal. If you have no partner, then you must adopt a child.
* You may use the youth potion only once so pick and choose when you use it.
* Any other potions can be used freely, but only through earning perks.
* You are free to use whatever packs you have.

PS: A tip, once you have a partner still have your Rags to Riches Sim do the selling of any collectables as if any other Sim does, it is not tallied onto the Rags to Riches Sim's earnings or reserve. 

Well that's it folks, have fun and enjoy. Any questions, comments, queries or ideas, don't hesitate to put here. 

Friday, 16 October 2015

The Deveraux Legacy

I had the urge to make a new Legacy so the links will be here for you to read. Part 1 shortly. Please make comments here if you can. Hopefully you won't need to join unnecessarily. If you do I'd appreciate knowing how to change that so you can leave comments without needing to sign if you don't choose to.

Monday, 20 April 2015

"Livin' Life to the Max!"

I have a few challenges I'd like to share with my readers. The first one being a challenge for our Sim elders. They need to get some limelight so I have chosen to put it up here.

“Livin’ Life to the Max”

CC is allowed but only for their looks not for moodlets or needs changes.

·         - You do not need any packs or expansions to do this challenge. If you have them that’s fine too.
·        - No money cheats but as you make money you may upgrade anything you choose.
·        -  You can make money through any means available to you except employment as your elder is retired.
·        - You must pay bills as usual.
·        -  Ageing needs to be set to normal for your household.
·        - Make your elder Sim in CAS. Your choice of traits but the aspiration needs to be ‘Renaissance Sim’.
·        -  Need to move into a starter house or build one leaving enough money for purchasing the things you will need to fulfil the goals below, such as an easel.
·         - Consistently work on your Sim’s needs and wants that appear above their avatar until you have enough reward points to earn the sim potion of youth.
·         - Repeat this and other rewards as often as you can until your elder’s goals are met. As soon as the goals are met, you must let nature take its course and remember your elder with reverence and pride. - You may bring back your elder from the dead only once if there is a special occasion such as a wedding or birth you would like them to attend.
·         - All together there are 100 points to earn. To get the total of 110 you must show your elder’s gravestone after they've passed. You can always save her/him in your library if you become attached.
·        -   Follow your elder’s journey with pictures to show the challenge’s goals, some will be left up to your honesty if you can’t show them in other ways. Points to earn are in red.  
      - I will design a reward with your elder's picture for your siggy on completion of the challenge. 

*   Fishing – catch 6 different fish and mount them for display on your Sim’s wall.           
*   Gardening 20 – Reach a minimum of six magnificent plants or better from evolving them, flowers, herbs, trees, fruit or vegetables, this is your choice. Graft five new plants. It is your choice whether you plant them straight into the ground or use a planter. The only condition is they are different species.                                                                           
*   Painting – Paint at least one good or better painting from each medium in a mix of sizes. One excellent or masterpiece in any of the mediums. Display these on your Sim’s wall.                                                                                                                                                
*   Move in a friend 6 to help with your Sim’s goals. Your Sim does not need to marry or even be romantically involved. Can be any community member. The friend you move in can find a partner to continue in your Sim elder’s home. In addition your elder Sim may find a partner and move them in if they choose. 
*   Cooking 15 – Cook four excellent meals one from breakfast, lunch, brunch, and dinner, six gourmet meals, and if you have “Get To Work” three different types of baked goods. If not add four more excellent meals for a total of eight. All need to be different.                                                                                                                        
*   Writing – Purchase a computer as soon as you can afford it and write and self-publish or publish 6 different genre books.    
*   Fitness  Reach level 4 fitness however you choose.                                                      

*   Make minimum of five friends 10 - One from each category; child, teen, young adult, adult and elder.
*   Photography Take six selfies in each category of outfit, a picture with each friend you make. Eleven shots in total. If you have the GTW expansion, purchase a camera and use this.                                                                                                                                
*   Go on vacation, once if you have this pack - If not, add 1 more thing on any other goal.                                                                                                                              
*   Collectables 15 3 crystals, 3 frogs, breed 2, 3 fossils, 3 metals, 3 Sim trophies. All need to be different species or types, for e.g. you can’t collect 3 emeralds, all need to be different. Display them so you can take a shot to share in the story.     

People who have completed this challenge :                    
chellejo44 with 110 points, pmcavenett with 110 points. If you "R click" and 
save as, you should be able to save the image 
and then put it in your siggy.


Monday, 29 September 2014

Jen's Storyboard

Writing is a form of creativity and most of the premises of my stories have come from dreams. A virtual colour movie enters my head each night. I'm sure a lot of you other creative people can relate to this. At times the"movie" in my head continues the next night and subsequent nights. A good reason to keep a notebook on my bedside table every night.

Press on the writing/pictures below to link you to the synopsis pages for each story.

The Chronicles of the Stafford Legacy - due to unfortunate technical circumstances this legacy has had to come to an end. But don't despair, a new legacy is on its way. 


A Lost Soul

The story of a lost girl cut off from her own world and thrust into a future modern society she doesn't understand.